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Local External Resources

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The City of Athens Alabama Logo

The City of Athens
Learn about the city of Athens, Alabama. This site includes information pertaining to history, local businesses, government, and the community.

Athens State University Logo

Athens State University
If you are interested in pursuing a higher education, Athens State University is a two-year upper-level university offering more than fifty different majors.

Athens City School Logo

Athens City Schools
The official website for Athens City Schools. This website is useful to obtain the latest news, calendars, lunch menus, and more.

United Way Logo

United Way
United Way is a nationwide non-profit organization that strives on the kindness of its volunteers to fund-raise and support local communities.

Limestone County Schools Logo

Limestone County Schools
The official website for Limestone County Schools. This website is useful to obtain the latest news, calendars, lunch menus, and more.

ProLiteracy Logo

ProLiteracy is an international nonprofit organization that supports literacy programs that help adults learn to read and write.

Reading External Resources

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K12 Reader Logo

K12 Reader
Receive assistance in spelling and reading through the use of printable worksheets that cover a range of topics including Reading Comprehension, Context Clues, Figurative Language, and many more.

Read Write Think Logo

If you are looking for a breakdown of material by grade, this is an excellent site that provides several types of aids to be used either in the classroom, after school, or for the parent.

Scholastic Logo

Scholastic is one of the largest children’s publishers. Obtain ideas from the Scholastic website for books your child might enjoy!

Jump Start Logo

Jump Start
For a fun and interactive approach to improving reading skills use Jump Start. Their website has informative lessons, activities, worksheets, games, and much more.

Writing External Resources

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Perdue Online Writing Lab

Purdue Online Writing Lab
Purdue University has a website to assist in writing related topics. Purdue’s website even has an ESL section that discusses grammar and workplace writing to assist in finding a job.

Time 4 Writing Logo

Time 4 Writing
This is an excellent website that offers assistance in several topics related to writing including writing skills, sentences, paragraphs, essays, and even categorizes content for appropriate grade levels.

Super Teach Worksheets Logo

Super Teacher Worksheets
This website provides worksheets in a wide range of subjects including writing, grammar, spelling, handwriting, and other useful subject areas.

American English Logo

American English
This online government resource provides a unique way for teaching and learning English as a foreign language.

Mathematical External Resources

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Math Aids Logo

This website prides itself in randomly generated math worksheets. This means that you can practice new problems until you have mastered the skill you were struggling in.

K12 Math Worksheets Logo

K12 Math Worksheets
For colorful math worksheets that span a range of several topics use K12 Math Worksheets. This website filters its worksheets by subject as well as by grade.

Math Blaster Logo

Math Blaster
To practice math through fun interactive games visit Math Blaster! This site also features worksheets, practice problems, and other math activities.

Khan Academy Logo

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides free learning resources through recorded lectures in a wide range of subjects including mathematics, physics, history, and so much more. Take advantage of this awesome resource!