For over 30 years, Learn To Read has been helping those in the Athens and Limestone County area reach many milestones and personal goals. Some of the accomplishments our students have achieved include obtaining citizenship, getting their driver's license, and acquiring a job or promotion.

How you can help!

We are always looking forward to extend our family at Learn To Read. Join us to spread the love for knowledge and the love for learning.

Learn To Read provides a platform to contribute to the society. We have been able to help struggling students perform better in school, who do not dread to go to school every morning anymore. We have been able to help non-native English speakers adjust in the society by helping them learn the basic communication skills to go about their daily life. We have been able to help elderly learn their way around this forever changing world of technology.

The feeling you get when you help someone struggling succeed is incomparable. It might have helped them, but it helps you the most with personal growth and broadening your mindset.

We have a variety of fields where we would love to have your contribution. Tutoring kids, teaching English to non-English speakers, adult education, etc. are some of the areas you can help in.

You are valuable and needed. So, join us by filling the form below!